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NYLON 6/6 Cable Ties & Tools

Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, Australia
A.B.N. 84 117 296 232

Product Info

Our cable ties are manufactured using only North American sourced DuPont
Nylon 6/6 from either Canada or the U.S.A.
Using recommended best practice, carbon is added during the nylon blending
process to make our Black cable ties, UV Resistant.
Because carbon, "Like the T-model Ford comes in any colour as long as
it's Black" only black is UV Resistant.
We clearly mark our Natural (White) and coloured cable ties, Indoor Use Only.
The quality of the nylon used in the manufacture of our cable ties, extends
to RoHS (removal of harmful substances) compliance.
No nasties in our cable ties.
Testing is performed in China to government requirements, so our products
bear the Chinese CE label.
The base materials have been tested and certified as UL compliant for
v-2 fire rating, acid & corrosion resistance, insulation, ageing
& strength properties.
Ongoing load testing of the finished product ensures maintained strength
ratings and each width of cable tie is load rated in kg.
Load ranges vary from 8 kg for 2.5 mm through to 79 kg for 9.0 mm wide.
Using state of the art moulds and forming machines ensures quality moulding.
Well moulded teeth means they won't slip.
Where are they made? China of course.
Only by sourcing the best manufacturers in China can we bring our great quality
cable ties to you at such low prices.
We are proud to able to bring to you, a flexible, strong and durable product,
aptly suited to industrial, trade and home application.
Our cable ties are supplied in 100 piece packs.
1000 packs of all sizes 100-300 mm in black and natural are available on request.
Currently we only have 4 additional colours in the 100 x 2.5 mm and 300 x 4.8 mm sizes.
Watch this space! Over the next 12 months, our colour range will grow to 14
different colours in 4 different sizes.
It's our label, it's our brand. We won't compromise on quality or jeopardise our name.
Every ZIPnTIE product has a unique, GS1 issued barcode, Great for stock control and POS.
We're here to service industry and trade and to help you save money.
Our prices reflect our commitment and we offer incentives to save more.
Full priced orders over $100 are freight free. Discounts apply to orders over 100 bags
and we always take the best option for you.
Our products won't cost you an arm and a leg.
While we endeavour to maintain our prices, some things are out of our control.
Therefore, here is the obligatory warning, "Prices are subject to change without notice."
A great range of products are in the pipeline, including releasable,
double head and vehicle mount cable ties.
Watch this space as they become available.
You need more info? Send us an email and ask away.
You can download a pdf price list HERE