The Eastern Red Trading Co P/L t/as:

NYLON 6/6 Cable Ties & Tools

Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, Australia
A.B.N. 84 117 296 232

Getting Some

Do you want some of these?
Or, maybe black is your colour?
Remember, for the motocross and off road peeps, we do colours to match your ride.
Yamaha Blue, Kawasaki Green, Honda Red, Suzuki Yellow. The choice is yours.
Perhaps you have a tool fetish? We have tensioning and cutting tools in 2 sizes.
All you have to do is follow the instructions listed below and it's all yours.
1. Be able to use a computer.
2. Open the Office xls or pdf file
3. Fill in all your details, Name Address, email and Phone etc.
4. Complete the order quantities (bags of 100, not individual cable ties)
5. Provide details of your payment & shipping preferences.
6. email the form to us.
7. Sit back and wait for an invoice to be emailed back.
8. Pay the invoice by your chosen method.
9. Where Credit card is nominated, payment will be processed automatically.
10. Sit back and wait for your goods to arrive by Fastway or Australia Post, or
11. For local buyers, pick up your goods from our office or at the markets.
Give us a call on 0423 689 820
and do it all over the phone.